Images in Markdown

Typlog offers unlimited photos uploading for every user. You drop an image into the editor, and Typlog will upload the image automatically.

But you can also use photos from Unsplash, Pexels and Pixabay just inside the editor.

Here are some tips to layout your photos in Typlog:

1. Newlines around Photos

Always keep a newline before and after the photos:

A paragraph.

![alt text for the image](https://image/src)

Another paragraph.

2. Tricks for Photo Caption

To display a caption for the photo:

![alt text for the image](https://image/src "Here is the caption")
owl, bird, avian
A owl

3. Align two photos in one raw

Put two image markup in one line with a space between them:

![alt](https://image/src1) ![alt](https://image/src2)

4. Layout many photos

Typlog can render photos into a gallery. With the rule above:

![alt](https://image/src1) ![alt](https://image/src2)
![alt](https://image/src4) ![alt](https://image/src5) ![alt](https://image/src6)

5. Markup in Caption

If you need to add links or other markups in caption:

<small>A [link](https://url) in caption with **bold** text</small>
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