Images in Markdown

Typlog offers unlimited photo uploading for every user. Just drop an image into the editor, and Typlog will upload it automatically.

You can also select photos directly from Pexels, Pixabay, and Unsplash, right inside the editor.

Here are some tips for laying out photos in Typlog:

1. Add blank lines

Always add a blank line before and after the photo:

A paragraph.

![alt text for the image](https://image/src)

Another paragraph.

2. Add captions

To display a caption for the photo, add the caption after the URL:

![alt text for the image](https://image/src "Here is the caption")
owl, bird, avian
An owl

3. Add captions with markup

To display a caption with markup, add the markup after the URL:

<small>A [link](https://url) in a caption with **bold** text</small>

4. Multiple photos in a row — a small image gallery

To layout multiple photos in a row, place them on the same line with a space inbetween:

![alt](https://image/src1) ![alt](https://image/src2)

5. Multiple photos in multiple rows — a large image gallery

To layout multiple photos in multiple rows, place some photos on the same row with a space inbetween, and place one row after another:

![alt](https://image/src1) ![alt](https://image/src2)
![alt](https://image/src4) ![alt](https://image/src5) ![alt](https://image/src6)
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