Zapier Integration

Zapier is a tool like IFTTT with more connected apps. With our Zapier integration, you can create workflows to do more jobs.


Our integration has built-in Zapier triggers and actions. Here are some examples you can do:

  • When there is a new subscriber, notify you with SMS
  • Send a tweet when you published a post
  • When you publish a post, save it into Dropbox
  • Send an email to create a new post
  • When there is a new comment, notify you with Slack


Before using the Zaps above, you will first need to connect Zapier with Typlog. You can find the Connect Zapier button in Settings → Integrations. Click the Connect button, or follow the link of Typlog for Zapier to connect Zapier with Typlog.


Then you will be redirected to our OAuth authorization page, click Approve button in the dialog that Zapier promotes to you. This will grant Zapier access to your account in Typlog.

OAuth for Zapier

Now, you can use any of the zaps above in the example. You can also create your own zap with your own needs.

Here we have an example of how to Send subscribers to Mailchimp.

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