Adding a custom domain

Have you already owned a domain name? If you would like to host your Typlog site with your own branded custom domain, it is easy to map the domain in Typlog settings. But it may be a little difficult to connect your domain within your DNS provider if you are not familiar with domain settings.

DNS providers

If you are NOT on a business plan, please use Cloudflare as your DNS providers. It is free to create a Cloudflare account, follow Cloudflare's guide to migrate your domain.

DNS setup

Let's take an example, you own a domain You would like to host your Typlog site with this domain, there are many choices such as:

  • You would like to use the root domain:
  • Or, you are going to host with a blog subdomain:
  • Or, you'd prefer another subdomain:

Root domain setup

A root domain, also known as "naked domain", is a domain without a subdomain. In our example, it is For historical reason, when using a root domain, you would also like to make your website available with www subdomain which is

It is suggested to use CNAME to connect your root domain. The DNS configuration looks like:

Record Type Host Value
CNAME @ <subdomain>
CNAME www <subdomain>
Add your domain in Cloudflare

The CNAME to www is optional. It only requires if you would like to serve your Typlog site with the www subdomain.

Non-www Subdomain Setup

If you'd prefer to use a subdomain (e.g., create the following CNAME record with your domain provider:

Record Type Host Value
CNAME blog <subdomain>

Activate your domain

Log in to your Typlog Admin, and head over to Settings → Domain. In this page, fill the domain you'd like to use, and click save.

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